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"I had this idea that being techie was a guy’s thing, so now I'm not sure if not being interested enough on classes as physics or chemistry was an election or a cultural imposition."Francesca Arrocha (Panamá)

This is the final output resource produced by a community of participants in IGF best practice forum (BPF) on gender and access in 2016. This is also the second resource produced by the IGFBPF on Gender, which in 2015 published an extensive resource on online abuse and gender-based violence. The BPF Gender’s outputs are considered living resources that will be updated and changed as additional input and comments are received.

MAG coordinators: Jac SM Kee and Renata Aquino Ribeiro

Editor: Anri van der Spuy

How was this resource produced?

The IGF provides a unique platform for the collaborative work of this BPF, which aimed to collect the views of the broader internet governance community on the topic of how to overcome barriers to enable women’s meaningful access to the Internet. The IGF strives in all of its work to provide a neutral and open platform that ensures that all interested parties in the multistakeholder Internet governance community can contribute in a bottom-up fashion.

This outcome resource was produced as a reflection of this open, iterative and bottom-up process in which people from diverse regions and stakeholder groups participated by completing a survey, attending regular virtual meetings, submitting input on the mailing list, sharing reports of relevant/linked events and workshops on gender and access, and contributing background research. This resource also contains references to discussions facilitated at national and regional IGF (NRI) meetings and other events, including the Brazil IGF (Fórum Brasileiro), LACIGF, APrIGF, and a workshop in Bangkok, and input received during the BPF’s session at IGF 2016 in Guadalajara, Mexico.