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The Forum for Freedom of Expression, Bangladesh (FExB), a network of media rights defenders, has expressed grave concern over the developments during the 30 days of the lockdown which has taken a toll on Bangladesh news organisations, journalists, whistleblowers and citizen-journalists.

The country is reeling from the COVID-19 crisis and the vulnerable segments of our society are the most at risk. Besides the “healthcare warriors”, journalists are also on the frontline. The country's journalists and citizen-journalists are frequently targeted by state and non-state actors while reporting on the COVID-19 outbreak, which FExB considers to be a serious threat to freedom of expression.

FExB has released an audit of the attacks, intimidation and harassment experienced by journalists and other media organisations all over the country during the 30 days of lockdown.

FExB demands an end to the impunity of the local leaders, police and district administration officials responsible for the attacks against the  frontline “media warriors”, and calls for them to be brought to justice.

Read the full audit here.