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FTX has been a journey of wonder and exploration, opening and healing. An intricate weaving of lives and projects. Also hardship, saturation and tension. This year has taught us how vital it is to hold this together. Now we want to celebrate, gather around this fire and share some stories.

Illustrations and text by Nadège based on interviews to feminists that accompany different aspects of holistic security and have collaborated in FTX Safety Reboot: Cecilia, Helen, jac, Sandra, Shubha, c5, Cynthia, hvale and Salome.

FTX Safety Reboot is a collaborative effort between APC Women's Rights Programme and a global network of trainers, writers and activist allies that seek to root feminism and care into digital security training.

Through pleasure, creativity and curiosity, we explore strategies that enable us to claim, construct and express ourselves more safely on the internet as a transformative public and political space.

FTX grounds technology in the community, starting from where people are, meeting their needs without techshaming and acknowledging their experience and strategies, creating languages and methods that are inclusive, accessible and relevant. There are many voices nested. From singular diverse stories and local realities to shared values like the Feminist Principles of the Internet.

It’s a ripple effect...

FTX Safety Reboot is both a learning curricula based on a pool of experiences and a community of feminist digital security trainers.

Learning commons

The FTX: Safety Reboot curricula currently contains 6 modules: Creating Safe Spaces Online, Mobile Safety, Risk Assessment, Online Gender Based Violence, Feminist Principles of the Internet & Embedding Digital Safety in Storytelling. Each module has information, resources, learning paths and interactive learning activities on the topic.

Very soon, new modules and translation in Spanish, Portuguese and French will be available.

Have a look at:

Networks of care

Out of curiosity, out of need, out of accident… we come to be feminist digital security trainers and sometimes it’s lonely and overwhelming. Reaching out to people that understand what you’re going through is critical.

Through all sorts of activities, collaborations & gatherings, FTX Safety Reboot has become a diverse community from all parts of the world, where women and gender non-conforming holistic security trainers exchange experiences, share ideas, ask and give support.

"When we feel safe, protected and cared for, understanding security including digital security, will come." @shubha

Digital safety is not only for our devices and virtual spaces but also for our bodies. The better we know ourselves, the better we can prepare to embrace difficult times.

We need to carry on building and nurturing caring spaces together where we can acknowledge and practise all the different ways we look after ourselves and eachother. A tenderness where we can open, fall apart and heal.

Care is in everything, it’s a constant awareness of our body and our needs, an openess to listen and change from a place of gentleness, respect and kindness.

#FTXSTORY continues!

Some cycles find closure, others open. Like all heart-warming conversations, this one never really ends or begins ;)

Keep coming back to is external) during the following months as we will be sharing wonderful collaborative crafted content and translations.

We’d love to hear your impressions and experiences. Keep using this resource, adapt, localize, share, send feedback and keep in touch!

Thank you to all feminist activists, those who resist, create, play & keep dancing in the face of all of the oppression. We claim our space on and offline. #takebackthetech



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