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The concept of shrinking civic space for structurally silenced women is a paradox that many women human rights defenders (WHRDs) do not discuss. Currently, there is increased shrinking civic space for WHRDs across Uganda, where state and non-state actors use legal and administrative measures but also voice and use threats against WHRDs, feminists and others, in an attempt to hinder the work and silence the voices of human rights defenders and civil society organisations.

This report highlights the findings of a research study that was carried out by the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) together with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) under the Our Voices, Our Futures (OVOF) project. This research aimed at informing stakeholders and policy makers on the situation of shrinking civic space for WHRDs and feminists as well as for structurally silenced women such as LBT women, sex workers, young women, and women living in rural communities, and women in culturally excluded communities.

Read the full report here.