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eRecyclingCorps offers a comprehensive solution to the growing issue of wireless device e-waste, by capturing these devices in large quantities, renewing them and offering them for reuse. This also facilitates affordable access to wireless technology to people around the world, often with limited means. When wireless devices cannot be renewed and must be recycled, we strictly adhere to a zero landfill policy, ensuring e-waste does not enter landfills.

The company deploys a web-based platform that integrates directly into the point of sale system at carrier retail stores, where 60 percent of all US phones are sold. This technology enables high volume, low cost collection, processing and redistribution of reusable wireless devices around the world. By accelerating developing world access to wireless technology and responsibly recycling devices that can’t be reused, eRecyclingCorps is helping the environment and creating an economic opportunity for everyone who participates.

eRecyclingCorps advocates policy changes and works with policy makers to encourage and enable device renewal or ensure responsible recycling.eRecyclingCorpseRecyclingCorps