Encrypting your hard disk: A guide

APC Tech team for Global Encryption Day 2021

As members of the Global Encryption Coalition, APC is joining the efforts around the first annual Global Encryption Day to take place on 21 October, to encourage encryption by promoting the switch to encrypted platforms and pushing governments to abandon plans that will weaken encryption. In the context of increasing criminalisation and pushbacks in users' privacy rights, this is an opportunity to tell governments around the world that protecting and strengthening encryption is crucial to making the internet safer for their citizens. For the last decade encryption has been one of the main priorities for those working in technology.

This guide was developed by APC's Tech team as part of APC's engagement in the campaign.

Even though its scientific meaning involves many words, all of us know that encrypting basically means exchanging and storing data in a secure way, away from prying eyes. There are many protocols and implementations of these protection methods: there is the infamous WhatsApp “end to end” encryption, the “you must trust our company can’t see your data” encryption, the PGP/email encryption, and device encryption, among others.

In this guide we will talk about the latter – device encryption – which is a very useful type of protection in case your device is seized, stolen or lost. Without the access code no one would be able to see anything on it!

We hope that you enjoy encrypting your devices so that we all work and live in a better protected world!

Read the guide here.
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