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Structurally silenced women ought to be safe and able to advocate for their rights online and offline without any slight fear of being attacked or harassed. The increased usage of digital technology and online platforms has made the internet become a cherished resource for all women, especially structurally silenced women such as LBT women, sex workers, women human rights defenders (WHRDs) , young women, and those living in rural communities or from historically excluded communities.

Much as they have embraced the usage of digital technologies, there is a need to have a resource that they can always refer to, especially when the need to do digital security training arises. This manual is a curation of different digital security tips and best practices for all women, especially structurally silenced women. It was developed based on the findings from research conducted by the Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET) under the Our Voices, Our Futures project, with support from APC.

You can download the manual here.