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The first purpose of Climate Interactive’s C-Learn simulator is to help you use a scientifically rigorous model to set a goal for CO2 in the atmosphere, explore what it will take to reach that goal and to empower you to share those insights with others via graphs and explanation in order to make such actions happen.
This simulator can help you: * Learn. Understand the long-term climate effects (CO2 concentrations, global temperature, sea level rise) of various customized actions to reduce fossil fuel CO2 emissions, reduce deforestation, and grow more trees. You can ask multiple, customized “what if” questions and understand why the system reacts as it does. * Make and deliver your own presentation. This simulator helps you create your own “what if” graphs and understand why the system is doing what it is doing.
The second purpose of the C-Learn simulator is to inspire other organizations and individuals to develop their own interfaces and uses for the scientifically-rigorous equations in the simulation. The multi-organization effort, Climate Interactive, will be sharing access to the C-Learn model as an accessible, open-API web service so that others can create new interfaces and connections to other software. We hope others will create applications that are more advanced, more simplified, aimed at corporate leades, aimed at children, or written in Chinese, for example. Several such efforts are underway.C-Learn Climate Simulation: C-Learn Climate SimulationC-Learn Climate Simulation: C-Learn Climate Simulation

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