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The CPWF Basin Focal Project for the Andes system of basins is working with a range of local stakeholders to develop a better understanding of the mechanisms for improving the productivity of water in the Andes. One of the key deliverables of the project is the development and deployment of the Agua-Andes web-based policy support system (PSS) combining an extensive spatial database with process based models for hydrology, crop production and socio-economic processes. It is intended to allow analysts and decision makers to test the potential onsite and offsite impacts of land and water management decisions in terms of their ability to sustain environmental services and human wellbeing. The system is provided in English and Spanish with a series of defined futures for (climate and economic) change, policy interventions and policy exercises for examining the intended and unintended consequences of particular decisions. Though the remote sensing, database and modelling system are rather sophisticated, the system requires very modest local resources and expertise to use.AguaAndesAguaAndes