Women’s Electronic Networking Training (WENT) Africa

      The use of ICTs by African women and women’s NGOs has increased significantly in recent years. Not only are there more users, there are more women and organisations that see the important contribution ICTs can make to their efforts. This is an encouraging trend but has created a need for training in the effective and strategic use of computers and the internet. APC-Africa-Women also recognise the need for a safe, women-led environment that enables women to engage with the technologies.

      The WENT Africa training workshops aim to build the capacities of women and their organisations in Africa to use ICTs in women’s empowerment, social change work and policy advocacy.

      The first WENT Africa started in 2003 with a workshop on the strategic use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). In 2005, in Uganda, WENT focused on free and open source software solutions (FOSS) in women’s organisations in Africa by building awareness and support for the use of FOSS. The 2007 training workshop on digital story telling was held in Durban, South Africa.

      Image: Participants at the WENT Africa workshop, Cape Town, April 2003.

      Project team 
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