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The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is a non-governmental organisation that builds on communication rights in order to promote social justice. WACC believes that everyone has the right to communicate and to be in communication, in the same way that they have the right to food, shelter and security. In strategic alliances, it aims to be a catalyst for change for the common good, sharing information, knowledge and experience in the field of communication. WACC has members in 120 countries. Working with them at local, national and regional levels, they address communication needs, strengthen capacities, advocate for communication rights, and tackle ongoing challenges such as the need for gender-sensitive reporting, peace-building, and participatory communication for development. In 2013, WACC supported APC for the production of “The Status of Critical Communication Rights 10 years After WSIS - Documenting Civil Society Perceptions to Influence Policy Agendas”. In 2015, APC contributed to WACC's 2015 Global Media Monitoring Project report.