The consortium’s only non-global South member is WO=MEN, founded in 2006 to bring a gendered focus to the Dutch MoFA’s work on development cooperation. WO=MEN works towards a just world where gender equality, the rights of women and girls and GNC persons are respected and actively demanded in the Netherlands and beyond. WO=MEN holds a unique position as a lobbyist, watchdog and activist to promote women’s rights and gender equality in the Netherlands and internationally. Their work fosters stronger connections between the international gender equality and women’s rights agenda, with Dutch policy agendas, public opinion and local realities, through the monitoring of parliamentary agendas, sharing of information with parliamentarians via one-on-one consultations, inter-parliamentary events, and coordinating expert meetings on women’s rights and gender equality.

Our Voices, Our Futures
Our Voices, Our Futures 04 May 2022

Our Voices, Our Futures is a global South-led consortium, comprising CREA, APC, UHAI -The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative and WO=MEN, complemented by strategic partner IM-Defensoras. This initiative will amplify voices and increase visibility of structurally silenced women in Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Sudan and Uganda, so they can take their rightful places in civic space and participate across three key spaces: online space, physical public ...

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