Point of View

Point of View is a Mumbai-based non-profit platform that brings the points of view of women into community, social, cultural and public domains through media, art and culture. They work across five program areas: Fighting for headspace: Placing the broad concept of gender in the public domain Pushing the boundaries: Putting forward the realities of women in sex work as they see them Speaking in tongues: Highlighting marginalized issues of gender, sexuality and rights Defending our bodies: Enabling women to speak out about and prevent domestic violence Changing the lens: Building the capacities of grassroots women to express themselves through media platforms.

Building EROTICS Networks in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka
Building EROTICS Networks in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka 25 April 2016

Building on a strong pre-existing coalition, this project will strengthen the participation of an already participating country (India, with active network member Point of View), and bring in new actors from two new countries:  Sri Lanka, with Women and Media Collective, and Nepal, with LOOM.

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