Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( was created by Interministerial Ordinance 147 of 31 May 1995, which was amended by Presidential Decree 4,829 of 3 September 2003, with the purpose of coordinating and integrating all internet service initiatives in Brazil, as well as promoting technical quality, innovation and the dissemination of the services available. is comprised of members from the government, the corporate sector, civil society and the academic community, and as such constitutes a unique internet governance model for the effective participation of society in decisions involving network implementation, management and use. Based on the principles of multilateralism, transparency and democracy, since July 2004 has been democratically electing representatives from civil society to participate in discussions and to debate priorities for the internet together with the government. In 2010, APC and collaborated for the Internet Governance Forum Latin America and Caribbean Meeting, and for the Internet Governance Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania

The Working Group on Internet Governance - 10th Anniversary Reflections
The Working Group on Internet Governance - 10th Anniversary Reflections 30 November 2015 Various authors. William J. Drake (editor)

This book,  written by former WGIG members and others who played key roles in the debates on the WGIG and WSIS, reflects on the WGIG’s procedural and substantive contributions to the evolving global internet governance dialogue and institutional ecosystem.

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