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Image by Juraj Varga used under Pixabay License (

"To me it was an extremely interesting experience, something I had never seen anywhere before: the possibility of a truly safe environment to express what we think and feel, to clarify our doubts, start to grasp where women are placed within the world of technology, and actually learn things.”

This is how one of the participants described the women’s circle presented in this video, “Nodes That Bond”. The gathering took place in the rural community of Souzas, located in the municipality of Monteiro Lobato in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Souzas is home to the Portal sem Porteiras community network, one of the initiatives that received a catalytic intervention grant through the project Connecting the unconnected: Supporting community networks and other community-based connectivity initiatives.

The video shows the journey of the women in this rural community who share a curiosity and willingness to learn about technology, through familiar ways of meeting – for example, over coffee and cake – and by sharing pastimes like cooking, art and digitising old photos, coming together through the use of technology.

NODES_THAT_BOND from Luisa Bagope on Vimeo.

To learn more about Portal sem Porteiras, check out the podcast shared on here.