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What is the project about?

The project is a partnership of co-learning from different local contexts of interconnections as experienced by the women, capturing their stories, discovering channels of indulgence over emergent mesh networks. It is about discovering stories as voices that catalyse rebuilding the past using images, objects and spaces today to frame collective memories. It is also about co-creating digitally archivable and shareable visual frames of the past that are enmeshed in aspirations of the present. 

This project will be situated in Bidar (Deccan Living Labs), with co-learning from two geographies of Devarayanadurga (Janastu/Servelots) and Palghar (BAIF-Gram Marg). The partners in this project have engaged within the respective local contexts over the years having differential approaches. A common aspect across these geographies is the voice and expression of women, their experiential and embodied knowledge which they disseminate through songs, folklore, stories and so on. 

Institutions involved:
Project representatives: 
  • Shreyas Srivatsa


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