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During May 2015, the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG), led by UNESCO, will promote awareness on issues related to women and the media as part of the Beijing+20 Review/Campaign. APC is a member of GAMAG’s Steering Committee and coordinator of its Advocacy Committee, so it is fully involved in this campaign.

All GAMAG members are invited to join efforts, resources and creativity to turn this initiative into a vibrant campaign that will address critical issues and challenge us to discuss a wide range of gender and communications matters.

They will use social networks (Twitter and Facebook) and a website to promote this review and will consider the following issues to address on a weekly basis, according to GAMAG’s main working themes:

1st week (4-10 May): Education, training and research
2nd week (11-17 May): Public awareness and media content
3rd week (18-24 May): Policy and regulation
4th week (25-31 May): Employment and women’s participation in media

All GAMAG members are invited to send resources (videos, articles, images, publications, kits, etc.) that they would like to highlight for the themes above. Please indicate which theme(s) would be matched with your submission. Members are encouraged to send materials in local languages with a short description in English.

All submissions have to be sent by 30 April to this email, or to the Facebook page:

The Facebook site is already open and all can start participating!

Please follow GAMAG (@tweet_gamag) on Twitter and use the hashtag #gendermedia.

GAMAG’s Advocacy Committee will coordinate the campaign together with UNESCO. They will facilitate participation, encourage members to share materials and review and select which materials will be featured.

We look forward to active participation in this initiative!

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