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The 16th Workshop on Networking Technologies for Latin America and the Caribbean, organised by EsLaRed Foundation, took place at the National Engineering University of Managua, Nicaragua on 14-18 October 2013.

The aim of this annual event is to develop and promote human resource training activities in the field of information and communications technologies (ICTs) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This year, despite the economic difficulties faced by many of the participating countries, a total of 174 people attended the workshop; 93.5% of the participants received full or partial scholarships covering the costs of registration and food during the event. Attendance was well balanced among the seven training tracks offered. There was also broad participation from throughout the region, with attendees from 11 countries and instructors from nine.

The event took place in the atmosphere of professionalism and camaraderie that characterises these workshops, enhanced by enjoyable social activities that emphasised Nicaraguan culture. The highlight of the last day of activities was the presentation and donation to the attendees of the fourth Spanish-language edition of the book Wireless Networking in the Developing World. The book can be downloaded free of charge.

Once again, the goal of dissemination and training in ICT skills in Latin America and the Caribbean was successfully fulfilled.