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Making a Feminist Internet (MFI) has its roots in imagining a feminist internet. MFIs are a series of face-to-face and online gatherings where activists working on different intersecting issues come together to strategise and activate how we make this feminist internet.

In this two-part podcast series, activists at the MFI2022 convening share their experiences and thoughts on how they imagine a feminist internet.

Episode 1 (17 minutes) 
The gathering space: Reconnect, Reflect, Reset  

In this first episode, we asked participants what the MFI space means to them.

In November 2022, APC's Women's Rights Programme (WRP) hosted MFI2022, which focused on partners from the Our Voices, Our Futures (OVOF) project, of which APC WRP is a consortium member, as well as allies from past and ongoing engagements with APC WRP, including Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) and the previous MFIs. MFI2022 brought together, face-to-face for the first time since 2020, a diverse group of over 50 participants which at the core, was about building resilient movements in the digital age that centre care and well-being.

Episode 2 (23 minutes)  
Dream for a feminist internet: MFI participants speak to their dreams for a feminist internet  

Participants at the MFI2022 speak to how they see a feminist internet and what a feminist internet means to them. What are the issues that impact them in their activisms and contexts and how do the feminist principles guide us towards a deeper understanding of what we want from the internet?

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