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End Homophobia wrist band, Dec 2010. © Felix Masi/DemotixEnd Homophobia wrist band, Dec 2010. © Felix Masi/DemotixDo you remember the culture jamming actions against the websites of the president and the government of Ugandalast August? Anonymous activists managed to modify content on presidential and governmental websites in a way that showed the government as apologizing to the Ugandan LGBT community for repeated persecution of gays and lesbians. Just a few months later, Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not only alive again, but it could actually even be passed into law imminently.

Activists have managed to stop the bill before. Amnesty even proposes a Twitter blast ( The Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition called for the immediate withdrawal of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda on Tuesday December 4. It seems this bill will be fought online and offline in the coming hours and days, as “it has now been upgraded to Item No. 1 on the Order of Business to Follow of the Ugandan Parliament, which means it could be tabled at any time,” the statement reads. For the complete statement, open the attached PDF.