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Publisher: APCNews     NEW YORK, 08 April 2014

APC has submitted several proposals to this year’s Knight News Challenge. The theme for 2014 is “Towards a stronger internet”, and we’ve put our network’s experience and knowledge into five proposals that you can check out below. Since the community’s participation is a key aspect of this challenge, we invite you to vote for us and comment on our proposals:

Building an African movement on internet rights and freedoms
With this proposal we want to build a strong African vision for the internet – a focal point for progressive actors from different stakeholder groups in Africa to converge around shared ideals and demands.

Frameworks for innovation and free expression – FIFE
APC, the Center for Democracy and Technology and partners will work at the national level to build open and participatory governance processes that can shape internet policy frameworks in support of creativity, innovation and freedom of expression.

How free expression on the internet changed my world!: A mashup of stories, images and sounds on how internet freedom changed people’s lives
This compilation of stories of how free expression on the internet has changed the lives of specific people who are all connected in some way will demonstrate why internet freedom is so important and inspire others to keep it that way.

Feminist Tech Exchange festival: Creative encounters for innovative solutions
The festival will bring together unusual suspects to discuss and share experiences and expertise in creative encounters to develop solutions to issues of violence, discrimination and censorship that threaten the integrity, safety and potential of the internet as a transformative space.

Watch this! Surveillance, security and organising
Youth of colour, queer activists and grassroots activists will be engaged in discussions about modern-day surveillance in the context of historical surveillance, pre-internet, and the strategies to mitigate its harm.

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