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December 8, 2006, Kathmandu. The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters  (AMARC) Asia Pacific condemns the unconstitutional military takeover in the Fiji Islands. This action of the military has severe implications for all citizens for Fiji, including organizations that are working to uphold the rule of law and the 1997 Constitution. The oppressive act of the military commanders has severe implications for the freedom of the media including community radio operations, as well as advancing the process of peace and reconciliation.

At this trying moment, AMARC expresses solidarity with the people of Fiji and especially with all those that are struggling for freedom of expression. We express solidarity and support to those endeavoring to promote community media and community broadcasting in the Fiji Islands with the view of giving a grassroots level platform for voicing people’s concerns.

AMARC expresses its solidarity and support for femLINKPACIFIC: Media Initiatives for Women, an AMARC member in the Fiji Islands. We share its concern about the safety and security of the personnel of all the Fiji media outlets and especially that of women in the media, who at such times can be most vulnerable.

AMARC is an international non-governmental organization serving the community radio movement in over 110 countries, and advocating for the right to communicate at the international, national, local and neighborhood levels. AMARC has an International Secretariat in Montreal.

It has regional sections in Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific and offices in Johannesburg, Buenos Aires and Kathmandu.

For further information, please contact:

Suman Basnet, Regional Coordinator, AMARC Asia Pacific, Kathmandu, Nepal

Author: —- (Suman Basset)
Source: AMARC Asia Pacific
Date: 12/11/2006
Location: KATHMANDU, Nepal
Category: Democracy & ICTs