New cultural commons between Korea and Australia

By Andrew Garton MELBOURNE, Australia,

In collaboration with Art Center Nabi, Australian Embassy Seoul and APC member/partner, Jinbonet, c2o/Toy Satellite and Secession Records produce Synesthesia Urbania.

Synesthesia Urbania is a collaborative audio/visual public performance integrating mobile devices, a multilingual multimedia online workspace (moblog), collective copyright licensing and a custom 3D performance engine – participants from Myoung-Dong (Seoul, Korea) and Smith Street (Melbourne, Australia) identify meaning in difference and diversity whilst isolating signs of homogeneity and vectors of similarity.

The performance will take place in Seoul from 1-2 October 2005.

APC has contributed to the early development of this project via its Member Exchange Fund, supporting a research and development trip to Seoul to be undertaken by Andrew Garton (c2o/Toy Satellite) and Jinbonet.

Want to participate and stay in touch with the project? Send a blank message to:

The project will see the emergence, funds permitting, of a multilingual cultural commons in association with Creative Commons Australia.

Author: —- (Andrew Garton )
Source: APCNews
Date: 06/30/2005
Location: MELBOURNE, Australia
Category: Building Information Communities

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