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At the first Internet Governance Forum (IGF), “access to the internet” emerged as an issue of common concern and priority to all stakeholders. At the second IGF the business, civil society and technical communities worked together to prepare a more coherent approach to the access in the IGF, the outcome of which was a convergence in views as to what should be done to increase access to the internet across the world. “Reaching the next billion” is now one of the priority themes for the upcoming third IGF – with stakeholders working together to move from debate and discussion to a manifesto for action.

At the IGF, APC will be prioritising the issues of:

  • public participation (access to information, transparency and accountability)
  • sustainable development and internet governance
  • privacy rights and content regulation (openness)
  • development and internet governance
  • rights and internet governance
  • gender and internet governance

and we will be hosting or collaborating with others on workshops and main sessions which focus on all of these areas. See the programme of events where you can find APC.

To contact APC at Hyderabad write to or visit us at the APC stand.