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How can we address disinformation and its impact on women and gender-diverse people? This was the focus of APC's campaign for International Women’s Day 2022, which was joined by members of our network and other organisations and individuals interested in this issue.

To raise awareness about gendered disinformation and explore solutions in a context of increasing disinformation, we launched a campaign on 7-9 March, with a special focus on Twitter. It revolved around five questions, under the hashtag #GenderedDisinformation.

  • What are the misconceptions and false information we often hear around International Women’s Day?

  • What is disinformation?

  • Who is impacted the most by disinformation?

  • How can we address gendered disinformation?

  • Why does disinformation matter for gender equality?

To revisit the conversation, see our Twitter moment.



For more information on the phenomenon of disinformation in general and gendered disinformation in particular, see our APC policy explainer.