Collective power at the UN: Women activists demand to be heard

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Twenty years after the United Nations adopted the Resolution on Human Rights Defenders and five years after the Resolution on Women Human Rights Defenders, 32 women activists and human rights defenders have gathered to mark the anniversary. From indigenous leaders protecting their land to women of colour organising for racial justice, activists from 18 different countries bring deep knowledge of the struggle for justice and their own experiences creating strategies for protection in hostile contexts.

This is a crucial moment. Activists and movements across the world face increasing backlash. To ensure that the women activists speak on their own behalf on these critical issues, Just Associates (JASS) and their co-conveners (Amnesty International, Association for Women in International Development, MADRE, the Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights and the International Service for Human Rights) have organised several key events.

On 26 July, government officials will hear women's testimonies and recommendations for building community-based security at a meeting of the UN Working Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Women with the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders. The defenders will also participate in their own two-day learning and strategy exchange.

We need help to amplify the voices of women defenders. Here are two ways you can help:

  • Global Witness' latest report, At what cost? Irresponsible business and the murder of land and environmental defenders, details this reality and includes a chapter by JASS' Marusia Lopez. Share it and send us your thoughts. As Marusia writes: "Supporting women's leadership and the strategies they are innovating to defend themselves is a key step towards improving their safety."

  • Show your support through social media, using the hashtag #CollectivePower.

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