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APC’s subgranting programme, now in its third year, has so far awarded a total of USD 291,534 to support its members in achieving APC’s vision. Seventeen member organisations were recipients of 17 grants, 14 of which are project grants of up to USD 20,000 each, while the other three are research and campaign grants of up to USD 5,000 each. This last category of grants is still open for proposals until June 2018.

APC’s subgranting programme aims to enable members to contribute to changes towards achieving APC’s vision. APC offered two types of grants in 2018: project grants and research and campaign grants.

  • The project grants are intended to contribute to the implementation of APC’s strategic plan at the national level, as well as to strengthen ongoing work of APC members that is linked to APC’s strategic priorities.

  • The research and campaigns grants contribute to members’ advocacy work, and are also meant to enable members to participate in APC-wide campaigns.

The subgrants awarded in 2018 include activities in the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Kenya, Honduras, India, Lebanon, Mexico, Macedonia, Myanmar, Tanzania and Uganda.

APC grants 2018, by region


               Project grants          Campaign and research grants 
Africa                           2    1
Asia-Pacific    5    1
Europe    1    0
Latin America & Caribbean    6    1
Total 14 - USD 276,534 3 - USD 15,000


This year’s successful grants include projects that tackle an array of rights and technical issues, including the following themes:

  • Advocacy on Google’s discriminatory policies.

  • Implementing community learning spaces in public telecentres, developing open-source distributed repositories for community networks, and research on community networks and gender.

  • Training and network building in feminist communities, finding ways to encourage more women study for IT careers, supporting the development of autonomous feminist infrastructure, and research on online violence.

  • Research on e-waste recycling centres and the impact on vulnerable populations.

  • Developing campaigns, activities and films to visibilise digital rights and violations of these rights.

  • Research and campaigns around privacy and "smart cities", and the responsibility of network intermediaries.

These are just some of the exciting areas and themes that projects funded with grants by APC will be working on this year. All projects and activities are expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

APC’s subgranting programme is made possible through the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

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