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Research on criminalisation of expression on the internet


The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) is undertaking research on the criminalisation of expression in India, Malaysia, Pakistan and Myanmar. In this regard, APC is calling for researchers with a firm background in information and communication technology (ICT) laws and policies from the above mentioned countries to coordinate the research.

This research is part of a broader initiative of APC, “Networking for freedom online and offline: Protecting freedom of, expression, association and information on the internet in India, Malaysia and Pakistan”, also known as “India, Malaysia, Pakistan: Advocacy for Change through Technology” (abbreviated as APC IMPACT).

Key result areas

Key result area 1: Development of framework for research on criminalisation of speech on the internet

Working closely with the APC IMPACT project coordinator, the consultant will develop a framework for the research to be conducted by country researchers.

Key result area 2: Coordination and support for country-level research

Working closely with the APC IMPACT project coordinator and country researchers, the consultant will:

  • Organise periodic meetings with country-level researchers to orient them on the framework for the research on criminalisation of speech on the internet.

  • Provide input on drafts, ensure high quality of research and writing, and finalise country-level research according to deadlines.

  • Liaise with the APC communications team for copy editing and finalising research outputs.

  • Deliver on agreed output documents within the timelines mutually developed with the APC IMPACT project coordinator.


Key result area 3: Regional analysis of research outputs

The consultant will produce a summary and analysis from a regional perspective on how speech is criminalised in online spaces based on the country-level research reports submitted by partners.

Key result area 4: Outreach and dissemination of research

Working closely with the APC IMPACT project coordinator and APC communications team, the consultant will support the dissemination of research outputs in line with project advocacy objectives and activities.


1) Research framework and outline

  • Regional framework and outline, including research methodology and research tools for country-level research on criminalisation of expression on the internet.

2) Country-level research outputs

  • Ensuring the final versions of the country-level research outputs delivered are of high quality and comply with the agreed deadlines.

3) Regional analysis and summary

  • Final version of a regional paper on criminalisation of expression online, based on the research and framework developed by the consultant and reports submitted by country-level researchers.

  • Regional analysis or synthesis, tying together research reports provided by country-level researchers.

4) Outreach and advocacy plan

  • A plan for outreach and dissemination of output documents specifying avenues for outreach.

  • An advocacy plan for the issues addressed in the output documents.


The consultant’s fees for this research coordination shall be EUR 3000 (including expenses). The consultant shall be paid a first installment of 50% (EUR 1500) on signing the contract, and a second installment of 50% (EUR 1500) on completion of all deliverables, submission of invoice, and timesheet in the format provided by APC.

The time frame and schedule of activities will be decided mutually

Qualifications and requirements

1) Applicants are required to have a firm background in ICT laws and policies as well as experience in issues relevant to this research in the South Asian and/or Southeast Asian region.

2) Applicants must submit their CV with information about qualifications, competence and experience relevant to the research.

3) Applicants must, if requested by APC, submit samples of reports which demonstrate approaches, methodologies and contexts which the applicants are familiar with.

Deadline for applications

The deadline for applications is 21 April 2017, 12:30 UTC.

For further details, please contact the APC IMPACT project coordinator, Gayatri Khandhadai: