APC affiliate Rolf Kleef: "APC gives me access"

By Flavia Fascendini Publisher: APCNews    

Rolf has been active in civil society since 1994, starting in the administration of office networks and training in email and internet in Central and Eastern Europe. He also developed web sites and web applications for online discussion and policy-making. He has worked with many organisations both in The Netherlands and world-wide, for groups such as Friends of the Earth, OneWorld, and AIDEnvironment.

In 2004, Kleef started working as fully independent facilitator, researcher, and developer for organisations including Greenpeace, International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Nabuur and APC.

Since 2007, Jaap-André de Hoop and Kleef put their experience towards a new company, Nivocer B.V., to provide development, hosting and support for custom monitoring and evaluation websites for the international development sector.

Kleef is a founder of Open for Change, both a playground for innovation as well as a source of knowledge and experiences. Its aim is to increase access to data, knowledge and software applications within the global development sector and especially within a network of collaborating organisations.

At the recent APC member meeting in Barcelona, we asked Kleef to share a bit about why he joined APC as an affiliate in 2013 and what are the main benefits for his work. “Now it feels like I am much closer and connected to APC. I can have access to forums I wouldn’t have access to as an individual, and I can support APC’s work by being an affiliate,” Kleef says.

Image used under Creative Commons license by recampaign .

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