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This article was republished from May First Movement Technology.

What is the relationship between our movement and technology? It’s been complex, challenging and enormously productive. It’s now also being threatened at the very moment when its potential is greatest. To protect it from the attacks against it and to realize the potential of our relationship with technology, we need to study how this relationship got to this place and what that means for our movement and for technology.

At the 2020 Allied Media Conference over 50 activists came together online to build a collective timeline documenting this relationship - the past, present and even the future.

We first reviewed an initial timeline which documents some of the most significant milestones in our movement’s relationship with the Internet.

Next, we asked participants to break into small groups and complete the timeline adding all the important events in the past and also imagined events in the future that have and will affect our movement’s relationship to the Internet. Participants used the excalidraw collaborative drawing program to edit the canvas together in real time.

Please browse the collective visual timeline we created.

Watch the session on May First's website.