Access to knowledge conference in Yale: Video interviews

Publisher: APCNews     NEW HAVEN, 16 February 2010

More than 20% of human genes are patented in the US which, among other things, is preventing people from accessing affordable and appropriate testing and diagnoses of genetic diseases. This is only one example of how restrictive intellectual property legislation is impacting human rights. At the Yale Information Society Project's conference, of which APC was an organising partner, these issues, which also include the impact on innovation, scientific research, freedom of expression online and education were discussed by civil society and adademia. Watch some video interviews. More info on the conference, including blogposts, video streaming and pictures at the: Yale's ISP page

Interview with Esther Wojcicki at A2K4 from APC on Vimeo.

Inverview with Rolando Lemos at A2K4 from APC on Vimeo.

Natasha Primo from Jason Eiseman on Vimeo.

Anupam Chander from Jason Eiseman on Vimeo.