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New APC series on equitable access
New APC series on equitable access 04 August 2008 APC

“Access to the internet is a thousand times cheaper in Scandinavian countries than in my village,” says Nigerian activist John Dada, who specialises in information and communications technologies (ICTs) for development. In order to contribute to the discussion on what can make access to the internet real for people, specially the poor and marginalised, APC is launching a series on equitable access that includes papers and commentaries on the themes of business models, policy and regulatio...

APC enters into a partnership with privacy specialists
APC enters into a partnership with privacy specialists 24 April 2008 FD

A new online privacy and data protection consultancy firm called ‘80/20 Thinking’ is partnering with the internet rights network Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to support initiatives in developing countries that are working towards strengthening democratic processes and civil liberties.

CIVICUS 8th World Assembly
CIVICUS 8th World Assembly 10 April 2008

The CIVICUS World Assembly is a forum for international civil society representatives to get together, exchange ideas, experiences and build strategies for a just world. APC has been invited to collaborate in communications issues.

Computer Aid International
Computer Aid International 03 March 2008

Computer Aid International is a UK-based charity and social enterprise that works with ICT to alleviate poverty and overcome discrimination and disadvantage. It receives large numbers of donated computers and other ICT equipment which is refurbished and provided to local in-country partners and projects. Some 300,000 computers have been provided in over 100 countries. Computer Aid promotes...

GreenNet 09 October 2007

GreenNet has been supporting communities networking for peace, the environment, gender equality and social justice, through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), for over 30 years. It works as a collective with an ethical working style, providing internet access, email web hosting and web design for its client base, largely made up of UK civil society organisations and a...

Password: EQUITABLE ACCESS 04 October 2007 Karen Banks

APC announces a one-day event on equitable access to ICT infrastructure for 10 November 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event will bring together innovative minds and experience in developing and implementing ICT policy and technology solutions for low-cost access and connectivity.

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