Multimedia resource kit presented to radio broadcasters
Multimedia resource kit presented to radio broadcasters 26 March 2008 Olga Balbine

PROTEGE QV, APC’s Cameroun civil society group, released a multimedia kit late last year. Accompanied by full training of radio broadasters, this tool is meant to provide the general public and professionals with the means to exploit and use technology to create micro enterprises. Called the MMRK is increasingly being recognised as flexible tool which can be used in a variety of contetx, including rural.

PROTEGE QV 04 March 2008

PROTEGE QV, which stands for "Promotion of Technologies that Guarantee Environment and Quality of Life" in French, is a Cameroonian non-governmental organisation created in 1995. It aims to promote individual and collective initiatives to promote rural development, protect the environment and improve the well-being of communities. PROTEGE QV believes in the power of ICT to provide equal access to information as a strategy to fight against poverty. The organisation uses discussi...

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