10 ways to make Twitter work for feminist activism

Cape Town, South Africa

Twitter provides people with a platform to share their opinions, to interact with like-minded people (not always), and to communicate in real-time and on a global scale.

HRC34: Why is it important for internet rights?

The Human Rights Council 34th session wrapped up at the end of last month.

Open software movements, open content, free culture: Where are the women?


In 2011 a study by GroupLens revealed the gender imbalance on Wikipedia, and there was an outpouring of articles in the global media about the notorious absence of women in the world’s largest virtual encyclopedia. At that point the Wikimedia Foundation set in motion an ambitious plan to try to incorporate more women.

I want to be a Pokémon master

Aguascalientes, Mexico

I am AkiConterR and my companion is a “Pidgeotto” who I call “Pid”. I belong to Team Mystic; I am on level 7 and I have 53 Pokémons (72, actually, but some of them I transferred).

Access and beyond: Navigating the gendered cyberspace

Cape Town, South Africa

Affordability is one of the primary barriers to internet access, and particularly to optimal use. Knowing this fully from our previous research, Research ICT Africa (RIA) conducted focus groups in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Rwanda in November 2016.

Inside the Information Society: Marking Mark’s card. A comment on Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto

London [10 April 2017]

*_Each week David Souter comments on an important issue for APC members and others concerned about the Information Society.

The nerdiest and most open of them all: Internet Freedom Festival 2017

"Prohibition is prohibited": photo by Smita Vanniyar“Prohibition is prohibited”: photo by Smita VanniyarWhen once I registered for the 2017 Internet Freedom Festival in Valencia, I was added to a mailing list which had a constant flow of information on the festival and the activities related to it.

Book review – Interpreting the Internet: Feminist and queer counterpublics in Latin America

Original artwork by Flavia FascendiniOriginal artwork by Flavia FascendiniElisabeth Jay Friedman offers a critical perspective of the use of the internet by feminists, arguing that the positive use of the internet for social change depends on shifting social contexts, and that the strength of the use of the internet – like any technologies – depends on its c

Chelsea Manning and other political prisoners: Report from Internet Freedom Festival

Valencia, Spain

For International Women’s Day, some human rights and technology groups threw a benefit party for Chelsea Manning in Valencia, Spain as part of the annual Internet Freedom Festival.

Feminist autonomous infrastructure: Technomagical fires to warm your hearts

Valencia, Spain

At the Internet Freedom Festival, Jac sm Kee interviewed four amazing feminists from Latin America: Carla from Brazil, a volunteer at Marialab and Vedetas; Geisa Santos from Periféricas; Fernanda, also with Marialab and Vedetas; and Nadege, located between Spain and Mexico, and part of Kéfir.

They had organised a sessi

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