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"Word Matters: Multicultural perspectives on information societies" has been described as “a collective work by some 30 authors from civil societies all over the world, deciphers the central concepts of the ‘information society’.”

Coordinated by Alain Ambrosi, Valérie Peugeot and Daniel Pimienta, this book points out that “technology is never neutral: it carries social, economic and cultural consequences”. New information and communication technologies are no exception.

It also points out that the words used in international negotiations or legislation are a poor reflection of such consequences; they propagate perceptions that are rarely subjected to democratic debate, the fundamental requirement for any political decision.

As the World Summit on the Information Society gets underway, the book “subjects the concepts of the information age to critical perspectives from different sensibilities and cultures”.

Essays to this 650-page, four-language book are contributed by a number of familiar names — Carlos Afonso, Alan Alegre, Subbiah Arunachalam, Michel Briand, Sally Burch, Mavic Cabrera, Kemly Camacho, Dominique Cardon, Sasha Costanza-Chock, Marcelo d’Elia Branco, Luis Angel Fernandez Hermana, Rikke Frank Joergensen, Alain Kiyindou, Hervé Le Crosnier, Mouhamadou Lo, Raphael Ntambue, Sean o’Siochru, Stephanie Perrin, Marc Raboy, Pascal Renaud, Catherine Roy, Partha Pratim Sarker, Christine Schweidler, Marcelo Solevicens, Felix Stalder, Rosa Maria Torres, and Roberto Verzola.

Topics covered include: Internet Governance, Citizen Expression, Gender, Free Software, Piracy, Accessibility, Open Source Intelligence, Digital Divide, Media, Virtual Communities, Knowledge Management, Cybercrime, etc.

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