The (mobile) games women play

This piece was originally published by Deep Dives as part of the series Sexing the Interwebs

While I was growing up in the sleepy town of Pune, many teenage girls made the most of their first cell phones by sending coy, flirty texts to their boyfriends and making plans about which Café Coffee Day to hang out at after school. Those blessed with early smartphones also had the privilege of uploading a new Facebook profile picture every week; the sort that racked up ‘likes’ in the hundreds.

Meanwhile, I was busy playing Snake 2 on my dinky Nokia 1101. Not all of us got to be cool kids. Making sure my pixelated snake didn’t eat its own tail got me through elongated periods of boredom and adolescent heartaches. I never progressed to that elusive four-digit high score, though, possibly because I had the uncanny ability to make phones disappear every six months.

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