Mentoring women in technology: Laying out the landscape

t will be helpful for all of us to understand the landscape in which the initiatives for mentoring women in technology exist.  During my 25-year work experience I have witnessed the value of mentoring girls and women to become confident users and implementers of information and communications technology (ICT) tools and solutions. I am passionate about the girl child and I participate in mentorship opportunities at my work place and through the AfChix grassroots initiative that has been in existence since 2004. Attention needs to be paid to the creation of enabling environments for women to succeed in science, information technology, mathematics and engineering.

A great deal is being said about the digital divide and why it is important to pay attention to individuals, groups and communities that are disadvantaged in terms of access to the internet and the associated digital tools and platforms. These discussions are happening on social media, traditional media and via formal publications. In Africa the digital divide is discussed with reference to various dimensions – the location of disadvantaged communities, their economic status, their educational level and their gender.

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