Gay Girl in Damascus is really a man

So it turns out Gay Girl in Damascus, the “woman” who stole our hearts with tales of her repression in Syria, is really a man.

Why does this keep happening to me?!

This raises important questions:

First, no, HE is not gay — otherwise I would totally have a shot.

Second, while his critics accuse him of “liberal orientalism”, the unfortunate reality is that there are many individuals living in repressive regimes that are unable or afraid to speak out on these issues. In many societies, LGBT organisations are barely tolerated, if not completely outlawed, and sexual rights activists risk persecution merely for speaking out.

Repressive regimes are notorious for blocking sexual content of all kinds, often under the guise that it is “unhealthy” or “immoral”. However, the findings of the EROTICS research reveal that the landscape of sexuality on the internet is far more complex. Such blanket bans on sexual content for the purpose of enforcing a narrow and outdated concept of sexuality is a violation of citizens’ right to freedom of expression.

This is why APC has launched its new campaign, Connect your rights! Internet rights are human rights, which promotes the understanding that human rights are as applicable online as they are in everyday life.

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