Finding solutions: Using ICTs to face the climate emergency

Daily reports keep coming out about the myriad ways in which our planet is changing. We are rapidly approaching the cap of 1.5 degrees Celsius agreed as the upper acceptable limit of global warming at the Paris talks in 2015. And the talks in Marrakesh that ended in November 2016 show that these trends are likely to worsen, even if all pledges are met.

However, with the governments of the world absconding on what is a climate emergency, many people are looking at how small scale changes can not only decrease carbon footprints, meet the climate changes that are already impacting some of world’s most vulnerable populations, and increase resilience but also help to build a better, richer and more equitable life. In this article, we’ll look at some of these initiatives – once again, those at the intersection of gender, ICTs and climate change.

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