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Japan New Agency reorter
Japanese news agency reporter detained by police in Burma

A Burmese reporter of a Japanese news agency was arrested by the security

police in Rangoon.

Myat Thura (34) attached to the Kyodo News Agency in Japan was arrested

while he was interviewing demonstrators protesting against the military

junta this afternoon in downtown Rangoon.

He was taken to an unknown location by the police.

"He may be temporarily detained and may be released tonight but we are not

sure yet", a foreign correspondent in Rangoon told Mizzima.

About 20 demonstrators were agitating against the junta blaming it for

soaring inflation, sky rocketing prices of essential commodities,

increasing unemployment and corruption at the Rangoon City Hall at 3:15

p.m. The regime is known to severely punish people demonstrating against

the junta while permitting pro-junta groups to demonstrate against the

United States and the United Kingdom.

Along with the reporter, some protesters were also reportedly detained but

Mizzima is still following up on more information on the arrests.