DIY video and the Asia Commons

That I would blog, or prepare a report at this time, when there are several people dedicated to recording the iSummit is likely an exhausting prospect. Thus, this article, a sampling of articles and reports on the sessions I’d been involved with. Three for now… let’s see how many more turn up before the close of the summit.

Fair and legal reuse of video

Composed by Simon Dingle covering the DIY video session, 31 July, this was a kind of round table sharing experiences in the use of CC rights management in various film / screen initiatives.

Grokking the Asia Commons

Simon covers the Asia Commons session, 30 July, that resulted in the following:

* developing case models/studies on the commons
* building a distribution network for asia (e.g. for multimedia contents)
* how to share presentations
* sharing strategies on advocacy

Live Blog: Asia Commons Meeting

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