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In June 2022, we came together to organise the Feminist Internet Research Network (FIRN) convening. These convenings remain a rich place of conversation for the network to deepen our engagement around feminist internet research across regions, build connections and expand our learnings as a community.

This year the convening took place online on 28 and 29 June 2022. Over the two days, FIRN partners had an opportunity to reflect on their research findings, creating ethics of care in line with our principles and the questions emerging from the process of research. With four new partners joining the network, and the fact that their work in the coming months focuses on online gender-based violence, we tried to explore, expand and deepen our understandings on the theme.

In the past year, at FIRN we have been able to also take a step back to understand the work within the network and make new connections with regards to feminist internet research on the whole. As part of this, Dr. Nyx Mc Lean worked on a meta research project, which culminated in a paper that looks at the eight FIRN research projects embarked on over the past few years.

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Image: Illustration by Nadege.