Digital Natives want to Take Back the Tech!

Nighat wins!Nighat wins!Digital rights activist in Pakistan, Nighat Dad writes in her blog “I came to the first day of the workshop with my own ideas of what the term “Digital Natives” can mean. But when I arrived, I saw mirrored in every participant’s eyes an eager and keen curiosity to explore the term further, and to contribute their own interpretations to the community.” Digital Natives – the initiative, not the generation – is a new project that was started by CIS India with funders Hivos and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The first event held in Taiwan allowed for young activists to connect, discuss online activism strategies, explore new perspectives and consider their actions in a broader context.

As part of her organisation Bytes for All work in Pakistan to help end violence against women, Nighat took the opportunity to present the work being done with Take Back the Tech! campaign in Pakistan. “In my flash talk” she says, “I could introduce TBTT to all the participants. To my pleasant surprise almost all of them were totally inspired with the whole idea and the way campaign is being organized. Resultantly during the event TBTT was buzzing throughout the workshop.” In fact, participants were so enthralled, they awarded the 30-year old with an informal people’s choice award.

Read more about Nighat’s impressions of the workshop and learn more about the Digital Natives initiative. Digital Natives a new initiative started by CIS India in partnership with Hivos and Frontier Foundation.

Photos by: Bektour and Aditya Kulkarni
Nighat wins an informal “people’s choice award” for the Take Back the Tech! Campaigna at the first Digital Natives conference in Taiwan.