A comparison between Commercial Open Source Web Development, CMS and E-Commerce Systems and existing Open Source Systems.Part-2

Wordpress ..usable beyond blogging?
It is widely accepted that Wordpress is an excellent system when you want your ideas out quickly on the web. It is therefore often used as a blog, because you are out there quickly, but Wordpress can be configured in many different ways.
Wordpress is extremely easy to use and setup. It can of course work as a blog, comments are already built into the system, as well as pinging services, multiple blogger profiles, trackbacks and common features you might expect from a blog. Most of the functionality is out of the box, and works as expected without the need of customization.
But the fact that customization was not the key driver for Wordpress, also is to a certain extend its limitation. Because very often, if you try to customize or you try to do different things with the system, causes it break or disappear altogether. Wordpress is far from being developer friendly and too many times upgrades to the system causes your website to simply disappear as well along with the upgrade and the customization and modifications you made are no longer available.
Wordpress Advantages
Very easy to use and few modifications are needed
Excellent for blogging or sharing thoughts in a sequential manner
Easy learning curve, also for the not so sophisticated users
Wordpress Cons
Not developer friendly
The community seems to like to complain
Upgrades bring more bugs than fixes

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