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To the best of my knowledge there were no casualties.

Today APC hosted its event at the Human Rights Council’s 17th session. The event, which focused on freedom of expression on the internet, featured speakers from across the world — including special guest Frank La Rue, the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression.

Yeah, we got Frank.

Among the participants were delegates from several countries, most of which you have heard of.

Remote participation had some technical issues (is this irony?) but was made available for the question period where many denizens of the internet emerged to ask some tough questions.

The REAL story of course, is what unfolded on Twitter.

Using the hashtag #fxinternet, those of us who’s lack of invitation was an obvious oversight were able to follow the action closely and engage in the furious debate.

Twitter awards for the event

Most Tweets: Joy Liddicoat.

By a mile. Obviously SOMEONE has ADD.

Best Tweet: Chat Garcia — “Joy Liddicoat: We are not talking about new rights, but how to give meaning to human rights in the internet context”

I guess that one is a tie.

Worst Tweet: Joy Liddicoat — “dinner tonight at El Raedo 12 Rue de Fribourg Tel 0227324508 At back of warwick hotel”

Now the WHOLE internet knows, Joy. Hope you like paparazzi.

Best Question: Grady Johnson — What is the role of internet intermediaries in complying with human rights standards when governments are unwilling?

The judges were unanimous on that last one.

The success of this event has helped to push the concept that human rights apply online just as they do IRL. This is the idea behind APC’s newest campaign Connect your rights! Internet rights are human rights.