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This member story was featured in the 2017 APC Annual Report, as part of our work on access.

In 2017, along with its Latin American transhackfeminist allies Vedetas and Periféricas, Kéfir started dismantling the patriarchal structures of the internet in the "Autonomous Feminist Networks" lab which took place during the EncontrADA 2017 technologies and ancestral knowledge gathering in Serrinha do Alambari, Brazil. This is part of a long-term collaboration they have been cooking up around transhackfeminist and decolonial infrastructure. You can see part of what they are up to by visiting the website on feminist autonomous networks that they developed together, and listening to a podcast of an interview with them at the 2017 Internet Freedom Festival. You can also check out the “From steel to skin" manifesto that Vedetas member Fernanda Monteiro and Kéfir co-founder Nadége co-created in the spirit of rephrasing “helping the needy” as “interdependence”, as well as the conversation they had on the subject with APC's Erika Smith.