Environment and ICTs

Sursiendo 21 February 2024

Sursiendo is an independent, non-profit Latin American organisation based in Chiapas, Mexico. It contributes to social change by defending digital communality, collective digital rights and hackfeminisms, through equitable and creative participation, where gender perspective is at the core, and grassroots education and free software are its stepping stones. Sursiendo's vision is to be an organisation that contributes to the transformation of digital technologies into spaces for autonomy, ...

LaLibre.net Tecnologías Comunitarias
LaLibre.net Tecnologías Comunitarias 07 January 2022

LaLibre.net Tecnologías Comunitarias is a collective non-profit project founded in 2014 to provide accessible IT infrastructure to human rights and environmental defenders and social movements that fight for social justice and equality. It is based in Ecuador but provides software and assistance to a diversity of organisations in other countries. LaLibre.net is committed to social justice, autonomy, digital sovereignty, human and environmental rights, and a free and feminist internet.  ...

Acción Ecológica
Acción Ecológica 15 June 2021

Acción Ecológica is an organisation based in Ecuador whose work focuses on the impacts generated by activities like oil drilling, mining, shrimp farming, logging and tree plantations, hydroelectric plants, biotechnology, transgenics, bioprospecting and biopiracy. It works to strengthen food sovereignty and the defence of the rights of nature, highlighting issues such as the free c...

Mitra Ardron
Mitra Ardron 22 March 2018

Mitra Ardron founded GreenNet in 1985 and co-founded APC in 1989.

Strawberrynet Foundation
Strawberrynet Foundation 19 March 2008

StrawberryNet is an NGO network promoting the protection of the environment, sustainable development, democracy and human rights in Romania, using electronic telecommunication. It is organised as a self-coordination body of NGOs providing or using information and communication services. StrawberryNet’s legal status is that of a foundation. Strawberrynet can offer advanced communication se...

Arid Lands Information Network
Arid Lands Information Network 06 March 2008

ALIN supports communities in East Africa to achieve food security through provision of practical and usable information on sustainable agriculture and environment using ICTs.

Fantsuam Foundation
Fantsuam Foundation 06 March 2008

Fantsuam Foundation is a rural-based non-governmental organisation that works with local communities to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programmes. Fantsuam Foundation was founded in 1996 to empower community members, particularly women, to find means of employment and income and meet their own development needs. Working in 53 communities across seven local governm...

Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE)
Voices for Interactive Choice and Empowerment (VOICE) 06 March 2008

VOICE is a right based research and advocacy organisation working mainly on the issues of human rights - right to information and communication justice, privacy rights and data protection, digital rights and hygiene, freedom of expression, countering hate speech and misinformation, civic space protection, as well as around the issues of aid and development effectiveness, economic just...

Colnodo 05 March 2008

Colnodo is an association of non-profit non-governmental organisations founded in 1994. Its goal is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information and experiences among Colombian social organisations at the local, national and international level through low-cost electronic networks. In pursuing this goal, Colnodo has developed programmes that place priority on issues such as human...

Fundación Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes (EsLaRed)
Fundación Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes (EsLaRed) 03 March 2008

Although EsLaRed was legally registered in November 1999 as an independent organisation, it has carried out training and dissemination activities on ICTs since 1992 through Universidad de los Andes. Based in Merida, Venezuela, EsLaRed is a non-profit, private, academic institution dedicated to the development and promotion of research and dissemination of information and communications technolo...

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