APC Subgrants

Background: History of subgranting in APC

Channelling resources to our network members has been a priority for APC since its inception. We do this through different types of projects, ranging from Global Information Society Watch to Take Back the Tech!

Learning from past practice and moving forward

A 2015 evaluation on subgranting in APC (which is also sometimes referred to as sub-contracting) leaves no doubt that this constitutes a valuable way for APC to work, and that expansion of such activities would be welcomed by members and the broader network of APC partners.

Proposed subgranting initiatives from 2016 to 2019

APC will continue to make use of collaborative project fundraising and implementation with members and partners (organisations we work with but who are not formal members). In addition to this we have launched a subgranting programme with Sida support aimed specifically at APC’s organisational members.

Goal of APC’s subgranting to members in 2016-2019

The goal of the subgranting programme is to enable members to contribute to the key result areas or changes we identify in our Theory of Change as needed to achieve APC’s long-term vision:

  • Affordable and sustainable access to the internet is available to everyone regardless of gender (KRA 1).
  • Internet-related policy processes are accessible, democratic, transparent and accountable, and broadly inclusive of people of all genders and income groups, and, with regard to global processes, of individuals and institutions from the global South (KRA 2).
  • Internet-related policy, regulation, and formal and informal norms and standards respect and protect human rights and gender justice and enable sustainable development (KRA 3).
  • Civil society actors, and gender activists in particular, have the knowledge and skills needed to use the internet/ICTs effectively, securely and sustainably (KRA 4).

Activity to be supported by subgrants

Grants will be given for initiatives that deploy one or more of the types of strategies in APC’s theory of change.

  • Research and analysis
  • Capacity development
  • Network and movement building
  • Advocacy

The APC member grants programme offer three types of grants which are available to APC organisational members.

1. APC Member Exchange and Travel Fund (METF) – up to USD 2000

The METF has been in place for many years and supports member collaboration and member-driven skill sharing, internships, and travel to and participation in strategic events. Its goal is to keep the network strong and vibrant by enabling members to assist and learn from one another. It also enables APC through its members to have a presence in events that are relevant to them and their work, but also to APC’s overall strategic goals. To learn more about or to apply for APC METF support, go to: http://www.apc.org/en/projects/member-exchange-and-travel-fund-metf

*METF support can also be used for events that are related to the themes of the small grants below.

2. Small grants for research and campaign support – up to USD 5000

These small grants are for action research projects that are linked to advocacy. They can be for ongoing advocacy work of members or be in response to emerging issues. Small grants are for local campaigns that contribute to members’ advocacy work and they are also meant to enable members to participate in APC-wide campaigns such as the Take Back the Tech!

3. Project grants for local implementation of APC’s strategic plan – up to USD 20,000

These grants are for projects that contribute to implementation of APC’s strategic plan at national level. At the same time, they are meant to strengthen ongoing work of APC members that is linked to APC’s strategic priorities. Proposals should demonstrate how their projects contribute to one or more changes in APC’s theory of change at the local level. Projects should be implemented during a period of 6–12 months.

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