APC schedule at the IGF 2018: Day 3

This is a schedule of events during Day 3 (14 November) of the 2018 Internet Governance Forum in Paris in which APC is participating in one way or another. Come join us!


DAY 3 – 14 November 2018

WS #346 Refugee Rights and Online Environment

9:00-10:00 | Room VIII 

APC speaking

WS #279 Scaling community networks: exploring blockchain and efficient investment strategies

9:00-10:30 | Room VI

APC speaking

APC member speaking: Rhizomatica

WS #376 Innovative Approaches to Connecting Underserved Areas

9:00-10:30 | Room XI 

APC members speaking: Fantsuam Foundation, Rhizomatica, Digital Empowerment Foundation 

WS #452 Community governance in an age of platform responsibility

10:10-11:10 | Room VIII

APC member speaking: ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa (CIPESA)

Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries: Access to information: Libraries as informed intermediaries

10:10-11:10 | Room X

APC moderating

WS #415 Countering misinformation online: policies and solutions

11:50-13:20 | Room VIII

APC member co-organising: Media Matters for Democracy, Pakistan

Dynamic Coalition on Gender and Internet Governance

11:20-12:20 | Room VIII

APC member co-organising and moderating: Point of View

APC speaking

IGF 2018 Main Session: Digital Inclusion and Accessibility

11:30-12:30 | Room I

APC speaking


13.30-15.00 | Room X

APC speaking

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