MDG3: Take Back the Tech! to end violence against women

WomenTechAfrica 18 October 2012

<p>Photo by Chisenga Muyoya of Asikana Network</p>

FTX - anonymous Kabul
FTX - anonymous Kabul 21 March 2012

<p>Image by Nighat Daad</p>

Rural Development Association mobile training in Cambodia
Rural Development Association mobile training in Cambodia 21 April 2011

<p>A volunteer (Eng Mara) with <span class="caps">RDA</span> trains women on the use of mobile phones to prevent <span class="caps">VAW</span>. <br /> Picture by: <span class="caps">RDA</span> staff<br /> Date: 18th January 2011</p>

Rede Nami - Brazil
Rede Nami - Brazil 13 April 2011

<p>Photo of the Rede Nami feminist collective, a recipient of an MDG3 Fund small grant.</p>

Stop motion logo
Stop motion logo 04 December 2010

<p>image by Stop motion</p>

Photo 1
Photo 1 24 November 2010

<p>photo by <span class="caps">APC</span> <span class="caps">WNSP</span></p>

Ougandan women receive training
Ougandan women receive training 22 November 2010

<p>Photo by Wougnet</p>

Small grant winners
Small grant winners 10 November 2010

<p>photo by Open Institute</p>

DRC Si jeunesse savait
DRC Si jeunesse savait 10 November 2010

<p>photo par Si jeunesse savait</p>

2640409818_8fa49b0e72_b.jpg 05 November 2010

<p>photo by <a href="" title="">

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